The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased stress at home, which directly impacts the emotional wellness of children who are also coping with disrupted routines, school closures, social isolation, and canceled events. As early as May 2020, parents and caregivers reported feeling that their children’s mental and emotional health had been harmed by pandemic-related health measures. Left untreated, extreme stress in a person of any age can cause long-term impacts on their physical and mental health. Parents, caregivers, and teachers should watch for the following symptoms of increased stress in children:

  • Increased irritability or aggression
  • Clinginess
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Poor appetite
  • Fear
  • Decreased concentration

Read more about how to help children and teens cope with pandemic-related stress in OACBHA’s publication Addressing Stress in Children & Teens (pdf document):