If you’re worried about a man in your life, or someone you care about take an online, anonymous behavioral health screening at

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Starting conversations with men who are struggling may seem daunting. But getting them to open up can be easier with practice. Start a practice conversation-Pick any topic to practice. Movember Conversations online tool will help guide you through how to start the conversation with confidence and keep it moving in a helpful direction.

Man Therapy is designed to help men deal with issues like depression, anxiety, anger, and suicidal thoughts. But it also can be a valuable resource for their friends or loved ones. According to science, bad things can happen to men too. Visit


Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Crisis Helpline-24/7- (800) 577-7849

Ashtabula County Information & Referral Services- Dial 211

Person to Person Warmline-M-F 8 am-11 pm, Sat. 1-3 pm (440) 855-0214

Suicide Crisis Lifeline Phone/Text- 988

Suicide Crisis Lifeline Chat- Chat Now

Suicide Crisis Text Line-Text 4HOPE at 741741

Children Services Hotline-24/7- (888) 998-1811

Homesafe Domestic Violence Hotline- (800) 952-2873

Rape Crisis Center Hotline- (440) 354-7364

Rape Crisis Center Chat- Chat Now

Client Rights and Advocacy- (440) 992-3121