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Hosted by the Ashtabula County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board

April 4th through April 15th (Monday through Friday for 2 weeks), 8:00 am-1:00 pm (with a 1-hour break at 10:00 am).

Priority will be given to those who live or work in Ashtabula County.


Peer Recovery Supporters provide support to others with mental health or substance abuse problems. You can use your experience to help others in their recovery. Certified Peer Recovery Supporters may be hired by local agencies to work with others in treatment and recovery.

To become a certified Peer Recovery Supporter (PRS) in the State of Ohio:

To become a certified PRS, you must complete:

  • 11 hours of online training (
  • 40 hours of instructor-led training. The instructor-led training is currently offered online due to COVID-19 response. Participants will need access to a desktop or laptop computer throughout the training (no Chromebooks or other devices are permitted) and a private training space without distractions or interruptions.
  • Background Check
  • Apply for your certificate.

Ashtabula County MHRS Board tries to host two local 40-hour in-person PRS Trainings every year.

Upon successful completion of PRS training, participants will be eligible to apply for certification as a Peer Recovery Supporter in the State of Ohio.

PRS training must be completed on a laptop or desktop computer. You may not complete training on a phone or tablet (this includes Google Chromebooks). Before registering for PRS training, it is your responsibility to carefully read the Online PRS Training Readiness Checklist and ensure that you can meet all requirements (participation and technological).

To be eligible to apply for PRS certification, you must be present for all 40 hours of this training. If you log in late, log out early, or miss any portion of this training, you will be required to repeat the entire 40 hours of PRS training. If you have prior obligations during any portion of this training, please select a different training.

Certificates of completion for the below e-based Academy courses will be required as part of your Certification Application Packet (submitted to The Ohio Dept. of Mental Health & Addiction (OhioMHAS) after training).

Register for your free e-based Academy account at For technical issues with e-based Academy, e-mail the Ohio MHAS IT Helpdesk at


1. Introduction to Peer Recovery Support
2. History of Addiction for Peer Recovery Supporters
3. Ethics and Boundaries for Peer Recovery Supporters
4. History of the CSX Movement for Peer Recovery Supporters
5. Helpful Tips for Peer Recovery Supporters Entering the Workforce
6. Health and Wellness in Peer Recovery Support
7. Cultural Competence in Mental Health and Addiction Recovery
8. Human Trafficking Training for Peer Recovery Supporters
9. Supervision for Peer Recovery Supporters
10. Trauma-Informed Care in Peer Recovery Support
11. Ohio S-BIRT 101: An Introduction to S-BIRT and Motivational Interviewing

Make sure to complete these course titles exactly! There are courses on e-based Academy with very similar titles.

For more information and to register contact:
Bridget Sherman
Director of Youth and Recovery Services
Ashtabula County MHRS Board
(440) 992-3121

or visit