At University Hospitals, our Mission: To Heal. To Teach. To Discover is the foundation upon which our patient care, healthcare services, and community engagement are built upon.

It is vitally important to acknowledge and address all aspects of a patient’s health, physical and mental, and their associated care needs. University Hospitals Conneaut and Geneva Medical Centers are honored to sit on the Ashtabula Mental Health and Recovery Services Board’s Prevention Coalition. The coalition provides a unified network of community agencies that all share the same focus, passion, and goal…to help our community members who are impacted by mental health illness and/or substance abuse conditions and the development of prevention initiatives to help others from having to face these same challenges.

Through the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, UH is proud to be able to provide the Botvin LifeSkills Program to schools throughout Ashtabula County. This program helps students learn how to deal with life challenges such as stress, peer pressure, and substance misuse by empowering the student by teaching them the tools necessary for making good decisions. UH is also grateful to participate in the One Life Walk / Run and the PART Conference. Both of these powerful initiatives provide our community members and professionals with a venue to learn more about mental health and substance misuse, share their challenges and successes, while also providing a safe place for those individuals impacted by these conditions to meet and connect with others facing the same difficult situations resulting in the development of a support system. These are just a few of the many programs the Prevention Coalition dedicates to helping our community. UH Conneaut and Geneva are so very grateful for all the Ashtabula Mental Health and Recovery Services Board and the Prevention Coalition do for our community. We look forward to our continued collaborative efforts.

Ashtabula County Prevention Coalition
Mission: To implement effective, evidence-based strategies to prevent and reduce high-risk behaviors and substance misuse among youth in Ashtabula County.